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You are responsible for pipeline valves
Sales: Fengtai District, Beijing West International Trade Building, Building 9, Room B2-1028
Factory:Pinggu District Ma Chang Ying Town village for guhuai Road 80
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Fall Canton Fair 201
Fall Canton Fair 2012[Read More]
Fall Canton Fair 2012 2012-10-08
Congratulations! 2012-05-14
2011 Oil technology exhibition 2011-10-13
2011 first valve technology conferences 2011-11-15
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      Beijing High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd., located in the capital city with eight hundred years of history and cultural city - Beijing city. Company formerly known as Beijing Jianzhong Machine Factory, founded in 1953, the Department of Machinery Industry key enterprises (national[More]

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Sales Address: Fengtai District, Beijing West International Trade Building, Building 9, Room B2-1028
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