In our unique custom design shop you can assemble a Snap-N-Trac system built to your particular specifications. Being able to balance both its design and cost will ensure you get the best Snap-N-Trac System for your money. See "How to" instructions below.
  1- Each Time you click on the Trac Base picture you will add one (1) six in section of trac to the assembly line
2- To add modular pieces to your trac(s) "click" one time on the modular piece you want to add, then
3- Move mouse cursor to left side of trac and "click once" to place the piece on the trac base
4- Continue this process until your system is complete
5- To remove any modular piece, just "click" on the piece one time
6- To replace with another piece see steps # 2,3
7- Your custom design system will show the length and price as you build it
8- To see your order details "Click" Add to Cart, to purchase"click" Submit to finish with PayPal or Clear to start over
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