The Snap-N-Trac system
The Snap-N-Trac system

If your looking for a way to store your essential fishing tackle and tools conveniently and securely on your boat then look no further the Snap-N-Trac. It is by far the best option available, providing not only a great value but many years of reliable service. Oh and unlike other systems it will also look great on your boat. 

 Be sure to check out our custom design shop where you can build a sustem to fit your personal fishing and boating specifications.


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About Us
Peter ReJune the inventor of Snap-N-Trac a new boating accessory has always looked for and found ways to improve the fishing tackle storage of any of the boats he has owned. In 2003 while rebuilding his classic 1980 21ft Mako CC, Peter came up with the idea for a uniquely designed and very versatile drink/tackle storage boat mate product that would hold the essential fishing tackle and tools that he used most often. Fishing tools like knives, pliers, hook extractor, de-boner, sharpening rod rigging needles, kill stick and drink as well as fishing lures, hooks, etc. This new fishing tackle storage boating accessory is now called the "Snap-N-Trac system". After refining the initial concept and design, Peter decided to take his new Patent Pending idea through the research, development and manufacturing process. It took Peter more than two years to complete this process before Snap-N-Trac was finally ready for introduction to the recreational sport fishing industry.

Peter developed this Snap-N-Trac boating accessory because he couldn’t find a boating marine accessory on the market that came close to the versatility and quality he demanded. After thorough testing of the Snap-N-Trac system he confidently can state that Snap-N-Trac fishing tackle & fishing tools organizer is by far the best, most versatile as well as the ONLY modular marine accessory tackle storage system on the market today. All system pieces are molded from specially formulated reinforced white polypropylene (poly) plastic. Poly was selected because it’s not only very reliable and strong it also withstands the harsh weather conditions fisherman must often contend with.

For your benefit Peter has developed two Snap-N-Trac designer kits that between them provide over eighteen unique drink holder/tackle storgage design options. Should you require a special Snap-N-Trac tackle storage system you can use their online custom design shop where you have the unique opportunity to easily design and virtually build your own custom Snap-N-Trac system. Browse through the additional information section as well the photo gallery, between these you should have all your questions answered. When you have decided on the Snap-N-Trac system that is best for you just go to the dealer locator to find a dealer in your local area or one who can help you through their website retail store.

Peter knows from his own experience that once you've installed a Snap-N-Trac system, your boats tackle storage capacity will improve because the essential fishing tackle and tools you use most often will be where you need them when you need them.

Peter continues diligently to work on designing new and unique products that will improve your boats usefulness. He hopes to be offering these items to you very soon, so keep in touch and stay tuned.

Very Best Regards,
Peter ReJune
Snap-N-Trac Marine Inc.

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